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Hey! New to Tumblr, just thought I’d use it as a blog to post random stuff I come across or “tumble” upon haha *is booed off the stage for bad pun*

Yeah yeah, AAAAANYWAY…

To start off my little blog, I”ll start off with a story. Yay story time!!

Okay so I was driving home from college on Friday, just cruisin’ in my little ‘98 Malibu, jamming out to music on the 2 and a half hour journey home. I’m about an hour and a half out, roughly four miles away from the nearest city, aaaaand my car blinks light and beeps at me and starts slowing down.

Okay…the oil light and battery light were flashing at me so I pulled over, put on the flashers and called up my dad.

Dad: Yello? (because dad replaces the ‘h’ in hello with a y)
Me: Dad. I’m in trouble.
Dad: …Ohh no.

And proceeded to tell him what happened so he told me how to check the oil. Oil was fine, so he hangs up to tell our mechanic what happened so he could guess as to what exactly was going wrong.

As I’m waiting, a guy pulls over and gets out to help me. He was a military mechanic for the army. Go figure!

So he pokes and prods my car’s engine and was fairly certain it was either my battery or the alternator was the problem. After testing the lights and such, we were sure that the battery was fine so it was the alternator that was the problem.

Anyway, Dad calls again and our mechanic basically predicted the same thing. So since I’m stranded, Dad calls up his BOSS of all people to come and pick me up. I thought that was pretty funny.

So the military mechanic stayed with me until Mr. Boss showed up. And he did in his game warden truck with lights going. So then the mechanic left once he knew I’d be all right (stayed with me that whole time, bless his heart) and Mr. Boss and I started loading my things into his truck.

It was pretty funny to see a large basket of laundry in the back seat of his truck that could be easily seen through the rear window.

Anyway, Mr. Boss called a wrecker to get it toed to the repair shop that he new was a trustworthy one in the area. Once we were there, Mr. Boss paid the wrecker, not letting me, so he can hold it over my dad’s head hahaha :) He kept going on and on about how my dad owed him BIIIIIG time XD

So after repeating the breaking-down story to the repair man, he guessed the same thing that it was probably the alternator and it would be an easy fix.

So Mr. Boss and I headed back to his main office because he had to pick some things up. I just stayed in the lobby of the building, taking pictures of the turtles they had in tanks (because I love turtles!) and the absolutely adorable baby snake! It was soooo tiny!! I’ve never seen a snake that small! The people at the office were pretty amused by my excitement XD

Anyway, we then start heading over to the McDonald’s because that’s where my mom would be meeting us to pick me up and take me home. That’s when I got the call from the repair man. My engine was completely shot. I felt so horrible and had a bit of a break down. Just like so many others, I’m a poor college student and my family doesn’t have the money to have this kind of problem. It was only a few minutes afterwards that I was hugging my mom apologizing like mad.

She got to the point she threatened to slap me if I didn’t stop apologizing for something that wasn’t my fault…^^;;;

Anyway, we thanked Mr. Boss over and over for being able to help me, and he completely understood because he had three daughters himself so he was more than happy to.

After taking my stuff out of the car, Mr. Boss actually taking my laundry out of the truck was pretty funny, making me feel better XD mom and I headed on home.

For an update on my car, our repair man in my hometown went and got my car and can replace the motor with a used one for a price that’s not bad at all especially since it’s including labor. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new car so things are good :)

Just realized I should probably post something to actually describe myself…but eh, I’ll do that later. Being a musician = I’m lazy.

Peace! <3


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